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Complement your new drive, path or patio with pattern concrete steps

Our maintenance-free pattern imprinted steps will look spectacular for years to come...

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Steps or stairways are a prominent feature of entryways to a house and yet are of relegated to utilitarian status when it comes to landscaping.

Here at Spectacular Driveways we offer the perfect solution for improving the look of your steps and stairways. Pattern Imprinted steps not only add safety and durability to the entryways to your home; but also improve the look of your pathways, patios and driveways by adding the finishing touch.

Just like with our pattern imprinted driveways, patios and pathways, you can design your own! With so much choice of patterns, textures and colours to choose from, choosing your steps or stairways is much more enjoyable than the other methods, it's no wonder more and more people are choosing Spectacular Driveways to improve their steps and stairways

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Pattern concrete driveways are the smart choice...

Our pattern imprinted driveways have so many advantages over the old traditional methods your used to...

Completely weed free and stain resistant

Spend time living life, not worrying about your driveway.

Hard wearing & weather resistant

Come rain or shine, our concrete is built to last.

Quick & hassle free installation

Our process is designed to give absolute minimal disruption.

Permanent colour & texture

No need to re-paint or worry about a fading texture.

Low maintenance

Spend time living life, not worrying about your driveway.

Will not dislodge or sink

Forget all the problems you’d get with traditional flagging.

Some recent examples of our driveways

Here’s some recent examples of our patterned concrete driveways. View more in the gallery

Click the images to view larger versions

Wide range of patterns & colours to choose from

With over 40 patterns and colours you can create something unique to you...

Visit our Showroom & see for yourself

Why not come down to one of our showsites and take a look at a wide range of samples.

Huddersfield is by appointment, however we have an unmanned showsite at the West Yorkshire Conservatory Village

Our wide range of patterns and colours means you can mix and match to create a driveway style of you own.

We give you the option to be in total control of the look and feel, so go crazy and create your very own master piece!

Not confident in your design flair? don’t worry, our experts are on hand to provide advise or make suggestions for a style that will work with your home and surrounding area.

The pattern concrete process

This new way of laying concrete has fast become one the UK’s leading industries

A spectacular driveway in as little as 5 days - wow!

By using our specially created rubber stamps we are able to imprint and colour a wide range of designs and patterns into freshly poured concrete.

The process is simple and efficient which allows us to keep the costs down. We do all the work ourselves too, so we’re never waiting on sub-contractors to turn up!

View the full process here.

Fast & efficient

We’ve worked hard over the past 17 years to refine our process to be quick and hassle free. We pride ourself on being efficient and we’re focused on getting the job done with minimal disruption to you and your family.

Our own special concrete

Unlike other providers we don’t buy-in our concrete. We mix our very own special (& secret) formula onsite, creating only what we need for your particular job. This means we produce no wastage, no delays.

Neighbour friendly

We know that sometimes undertaking major work at your property can cause disruptions and disputes with your neighbours. We are careful to make sure we respect their property as much as we do yours.

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