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Our Training Courses

Due to the rapid expansion in the Pattern Concrete industry we have developed our own training centre in West Yorkshire. We offer first class training courses designed to give you the skills and confidence to become an expert concrete specialist.

  • A full range of tailored tool packages
  • Extensive practical and classroom training
  • Intermediate and advanced training courses
  • Onsite technical support
  • A sales and marketing package
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The skills learnt will enable you to work in Pattern Imprinted Concrete, Exposed Aggregate Concrete and Integrally Coloured Concrete all offering excellent finishes for unlimited uses.

Our courses are carried out by fully trained individuals in the industry that are trained assessors and have expertise in the business.

During your time with us you will take part in several practical and theory sessions. The practical sessions will take you from the beginning of the imprinting process to the final end product giving you the confidence to go on and be a Pattern Imprinting Concrete Specialist.

Each session will end with a question and answer section to enable you to go over any points you are unsure of.

As well as the theory and practical sessions we will also cover sales, costings and marketing advice to ensure that you have all the necessary information to start your business off.

You will leave us with the knowledge of how to lay Pattern Imprinted Concrete and the opportunity to take with you the products to start your business. However, when you have finished your training should you wish to become part of our brand name you have the opportunity to talk through this with our franchise team.

After you have finished the beginners course rest assured that should you encounter any difficulties in any aspect of the business we are a phone call away or you can communicate with us from this website. We are not a firm that will simply take your money and not have any further contact with you!

Once you are feeling confident in what you have learnt on the beginners course - why not come and join us on the advanced course. Pattern Imprinted Concrete is not just for outside; there are many uses for it inside! This is where you will learn that you can have a good all year round trade with Pattern Imprinted Concrete!!!!!!

There are sources of funding available if you are starting a new business-check with local government schemes in your area.

Why Should you train with us?

The key to our successful business has been a fully trained workforce and due to the rapid expansion in this industry we have developed our first training centre in West Yorkshire.

As you are probably aware Pattern Imprinted Concrete is a highly innovative method of imprinting the surface of ready mixed concrete to give the look of stone, cobbles, brick, slate or even timber decking. Any stencilling or features are added and the colour of choice is applied making each project unique for the clients.

Spectacular Driveways Training Course Pattern Imprinted Concrete is very technical and, therefore, we do recommend that you do attend a training course.

The Pattern Imprinted Concrete process is ideal for:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Paths
  • Internal Floors
  • Conservatory Floors
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Swimming Pool Surrounds
  • Kitchen Counter Tops

Spectacular Driveways from a maintenance aspect and for durability this process and product is far superior to using the general paving systems. This will give you clients the satisfaction of:

  • A weed free drive
  • A drive that won't stain from leaking oil
  • And most importantly, a drive that won't sink leaving an uneven surface!!
  • Internally it can simply be swept or hoovered and then lightly mopped.

Spectacular Driveways will help you develop these new skills or improve on existing ones with our intermediate or advanced Training Courses. You do not have to become a Franchisee/Licensee to do our Training Courses. You can come on them independently and leave ready to set up your own business or you can speak to our MD and discuss the advantages of being part of our brand name.